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Tune-up with your partner


Dance is not something that happens on the dance floor, dance is life. We need to ‘live’ dance. Dance is inside us 


When we embrace someone to dance we are not ourselves anymore, we are not two people dancing together, we are one in harmony interpreting the music


It’s time to tune-up with your partner


When you embrace you need to feel all the points of contact with your partner, the most important thing is to CONNECT! 


Connecting is about feeling the embrace, serenity, breathing together, letting the energy tune, the chemistry, let go of the previous dance, being one with your partner and with the music, letting go of the day, the frustration, or the hype, let go of the ego and just be.


That is crucial. 


Sympathise with your partner. Imagine you just danced with a leader and you were going at 100 miles per hour….you might have just finished an amazing dance, and feel very excited….


However, your partner just walked in, she is tired, had a very challenging day, she’s upset with work or a friend.


You, I must embrace your partner and feel where she is at that moment. You, I cannot be selfish and just go for it. 


Maybe you’re thinking, “I just had a dance with this amazing leader who made me feel in heaven and now I have to dance with someone who just started”.

They’re at the stage when they’re thinking how to do “2 pra la 2 pra ca” or should I start the salsa with my R or my left? Is it Merengue or Forro?

Before being a follower or a “Latin dancer” I am a human being and I have this “Latin dancer baby” “crawling” just learning to “stand up and walk”, I know it can be challenging, however, you need to tune up and BE with the person, don’t patronise, just enjoying the rewarding process of being a “dance parent”.


One of the great dancers in Australia, James Athanasius, who sometimes refers to me as his “dance father” and Raquell (Rachel Pedro) as his “dance mother”.


It’s your turn to be a “dance parent”.


Be part of the building of the “Latin Family” not of the “Latin Machine”


I have nothing against performers, nothing at all, I love dance performances, however, “Latin Machine” mostly focus on producing performers and steps orientated people, those who only love to dance with people who “can dance” (which is usually someone who can lead/follow all the latest steps they learned)


Dance is the finest art of communication and to be a good communicator is much more than having a great vocabulary.


My son Antonio (when he was 6 years old) made a drawing which was ruined by Cassiano (who was 3). Antonio was devastated and I made it worse when I told him “come on Antonio, just draw another one” it is a great example of bad communication a lack of tuning in. I didn’t “dance” properly; I went straight to the next “step”.


Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco



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