We are about way more than just the dancing

Our philosophy is that dancing is NOT in Latino blood, rather it is a learnt life skill used throughout South America for socialising, self expression and celebration. We believe ANYONE can learn and benefit from these skills.

“The thing is that Latin dance isn’t only about connecting with a partner to the music, it is a social scene, a network of friends, a meeting place for young and old. I go out most weekends dancing, I don’t drink much alcohol, I meet lots of new and interesting people, I stay fit, and my confidence in all sections of my life has gained a boost.” Stewart Shuker


Your experience with us will be authentic, fun and life changing

In our Latin Starter and Foundation courses, we teach several styles concurrently so that you can feel the differences in music, allowing you to learn organic movement rather than focusing just on steps. The result is a far more authentic experience.

With qualified South American instructors leading our teaching team your experience at Rio Rhythmics will see you learning Latin dance in an authentic, professional and inclusive environment with a lot of heart and soul.


No previous dance experience, or partner required.

Our Academy is centrally located in Brisbane’s West End and classes have a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Our instructors are assisted with a network of student supporters within the class to help and encourage you through the learning process.

“With no dance background, starting dancing at Rio Rhythmics is one of the best life decisions I have made. The friendly teaching team is so inspirational and has wonderful energy making every class to be looked forward to. Parties on the weekends provide students the opportunity to dance with dancers with different experiences and backgrounds. Learning Latin dance at Rio Rhythmics has  been an amazing experience, I have realised that dance is not only the steps or movements, but most importantly the connection with other individuals. Dancing enriches my life, while it is always fun and relaxing, it has also provided me a new way of expression and reflection” Joanna Huang


If more than 35,000 people have given it a go, so can you!

Since Rio Rhythmics’ beginning, our main goal has been to get as many people dancing as possible with the aim of improving their lives through Latin dance, culture and music. As Tarcisio, our founding director says “if you can walk, you can dance!”, it really is that simple. Style is another thing, and the correct style comes from the culture and music understanding developed over time. Latin dance can enrich your life in so many ways. You will feel your physical and mental health improve as you exercise without thinking about it new neural pathways are being created and all while you are having fun in a friendly and social environment.

“When a friend invited me along to Rio Rhythmics in West End to try the Latin mix intro class one Saturday night, I thought I’d give it a try. I had no idea that night would be the turning point to a wonderful new life full of dance & lovely friendships.” Andrea Young


We look forward to welcoming you into the Rio Rhythmics family and being a part of your dance journey!