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About Rio Rhythmics. Australia’s largest Latin Dance Academy.

aboutRio Rhythmics is the largest, longest running and most comprehensive Latin Dance Academy in the Southern Hemisphere. We have taught over 35,000 people at our West End, Brisbane studios. Established in 1994 by Brazilian-born Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco, we pride ourselves on teaching our students to dance authentic Latin dance – the way Latin American locals do!

Our goal is to inspire, excite and educate you in Latin Dance and the beautiful culture that accompanies it!

Our unique and successful Latin Dance program is the culmination of many years of intensive research, teaching and development – not to mention our highly experienced instructors and personalised approach to instruction.

Founding Director, Tarcisio, has been teaching in Australia since 1989 and is passionate about maintaining the authenticity of Latin Dance in all of our courses. In fact, he travels to Brazil at least once a year to ensure that our courses are inspired by current Brazilian dance culture.

At Rio Rhythmics, we believe it’s not just about learning certain moves – it’s about feeling the passion and energy that makes up the dances. For this reason, our classes include a focus on the culture in which each style is from.

All of our instructors are either from South America or have trained extensively there or studied under our native-born teachers.

We provide tuition for everyone, from absolute beginners to experienced dancers!


Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco

Creative Director and Founding Director


When Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco founded Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy in 1994, he was drawing on over 20 years of experience as a dance teacher, performer, choreographer and percussionist. A dance graduate of the University of Physical Education in Goiania, Brazil, Tarcisio has also independently completed hundreds of hours of study in many styles of dance, including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and modern dance, as well as Latin dance. He is also a Master of Capoeira, a Brazilian Martial Arts.

After pursuing an extensive career performing and teaching dance in Brazil, which included directorship of a number of dance programs and schools, Tarcisio immigrated to Australia in 1989, where he continued performing, and also taught Capoeira, a Brazilian form of Martial Arts.

Motivated to transfer his knowledge and ability into a system of learning which would allow others to enjoy Latin dance, Tarcisio designed and developed the dance program at Rio Rhythmics.

Growing up in Brazil, Tarcisio was an enthusiastic social dancer of many Brazilian styles. Through his teaching, Tarcisio shares his passion, not just for dance, but also for the music and cultural heritage of South America, particularly Brazil. Yearly, he travels at least once back to South America where he involves himself in intensive local dance training, to ensure that he keeps abreast of the latest developments in dance and increase his expertise in authentic Latin dance. In this way, he continues to introduce new styles and moves to his instructors and students, keeping the choreography and classes fresh and exciting!

Tarcisio is an active and influential member of Australia’s dance community and has held various positions including Latin Item Director for the Brisbane 2001 Goodwill Games’ creative team, and membership of the Australian Dance Council’s Interim Competency Standards Project Reference Group. He represented Queensland on the Australia Council of the Arts’ Dance Funds committee, and has advised on dance as a member of the Australia Council’s Multicultural Advisory Committee. He was also a guest Choreographer for Queensland University of Technology’s Dance Collections ’99, “The Brazilian Suite”.


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Rio Rhythmics would like to thank our the many wonderful people and businesses who support us.

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