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Foundation, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate
Advanced Courses


We have new starter courses starting every 5 weeks. Below is our current and upcoming schedule.

Starter courses A is in GREEN // Starter courses B is in PURPLE.


Starter: No previous dance experience required and all welcome. Perfect for those with no prior dance experience and absolute beginners to the world of Latin dance, these courses are specialised and have been perfected over 25 years to deliver a genuine starter course. No previous experience required and all welcome! 

Foundation: For those who have completed a Starter level course or have some previous starting-level Latin partner dance experience. Latin Dance Foundation-level courses journey across multiple key Latin styles to build fundamental and foundational skills for leading, following and social dance steps.

Intermediate: You have a solid dance foundation in the basics of Latin partner dance. Cover essential movements and move deeper into the dance style-specific elements of: technique, floor craft, leading and following.

Upper Intermediate: You are comfortable leading/following a variety of movements and turns in Latin partner dance and are ready to learn a more sophisticated “conversation” of partner dance by refining your leading and following skills and acquiring more floor-craft. You will learn new footwork and movement involving faster and more complex variations, with an emphasis on improving authentic style and ability to dance to faster music.

Advanced: You have a substantial amount of Latin partner dance experience spanning multiple years and a high level of ease in moving around the dance-floor and dancing more complex turn patterns. You are ready to experience an ever-evolving program and go to a whole new level in your dance. Gain much deeper dance skills across classic style elements and the most contemporary and on-trend elements shaping the current expression of the style. This is an evergreen course level which can be danced on an ongoing basis.