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Did you know that FUN is the #1 reason people start dancing?

It may be surprising, or it may make complete sense to you, the number one reason people start social Latin dance with us is for FUN. Yep, though there are other things like “to meet new people”, “adventure”, “central location”, “my friend recommended it” coming up high on the list we can without a doubt say that the word FUN comes up the most as a starting reason.

It got us to thinking, is it because fun is what is expected when people think of Latin dance or is it because more fun is lacking from the day to day of our lives and we are searching for more of it? Is it because we try to compartmentalise our lives into work, family, play, relaxation, social etc and it would seem fun can only be a part of some of those areas, often the ones we spend least time doing?

There are many studies and discussions towards an integration rather than a balance being optimal for wellbeing. So more people are searching for activities which combine socializing, fun, physical activity, brain stimulation, things that help them be more in the present. Plus more and more people are looking to design their life so they are working with what they love AND have more time with family, friends and for themselves. “Do what you love, love what you do”, is a big catch cry moving away from doing what you think your parents wanted you to do, what you thought was the safe option and creating your own vision of your life.

A lot of this freedom is created by technology, and while it does create freedoms it can also create isolation. So in a world becoming more and more technological more and more people are searching for ways to have social contact, be a part of vibrant communities, experience healthy physical connection with others and bring more fun and joy into their lives overall.

Often people start looking for fun, and they are surprised to find ALL of the above in once place and through one activity, social Latin dance.

The level at which you experience all of these things will depend on with whom and where you dance so we suggest you look for somewhere you feel welcome, supported, included, a place which feels like home, has a strong cultural feeling. Where your interaction with the team and fellow classmates starts before the class and continues after class and where there is clear structure and passion for high level instruction with experienced instructors – more on what to look for in a Latin dance instructor another day.

Improving people’s lives through Latin dance and culture is at the core of our purpose at Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy and we would LOVE as many people as possible to experience all these benefits.

Whether you are new to dance or have years of experience we would love to welcome you.

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