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This gorgeous picture was taken at the Rio Rhythmics 2016 Ball and it beautifully captures this amazing couple who have been part of the Rio Rhythmics community since 1997!

Jennifer started dance classes as a reward after an intense year of work and study. Her “aha!” moment came on the dance floor when she danced Lambada with an instructor.

“For the first few bars, I concentrated furiously on left right left, right left right, but at some point, I gave up on that and just let myself be led, and was amazed at how easy it was”.

It was in a Tango class that Jennifer met her now husband Domenic Rotili, plus a group of people she is still friends with today.

Marriage and children interrupted their dancing for several years, but in recent times you can often find them on the dance floor or at a dance related event with their three boys.

Jennifer says ” Dancing is a fairly constant part of our lives. I’m not as obsessive about it as when I started – I don’t practice steps over and over the way I used to – but I can’t imagine life without some dancing”.

And their advice for beginners?

“There have been countless wonderful dancing experiences, but I still remember the moment when I stopped doing steps, and really started to dance. My advice to beginners is to practice steps slowly at home until they are second nature, then go to parties where you can forget all about the steps, and just dance, with your partner, to the music”.

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