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Rio Rhythmic’s “Tell your dance story” project aims to highlight the accomplishments, transformations and achievements of members in our community.

Andrew’s dance story

What appealed to you about Latin dance?

I got into Latin dance in 2016. That year my resolution was to try new things and take risks, but nothing was sticking. I finally got inspiration from a chance viewing of Dirty Dancing one night and it’s then I decided I wanted to be as cool as Swayze. And what dance style is cooler than Latin dance!?

How would you describe your journey so far? Moving in a straight line or going the scenic route?

Like many others I started my dance journey at a crawl—it took about six months for until the bug had properly bitten. I’d gone from wanting to be able to hold my own on the dance floor to wanting to absolutely own it! My dance life exploded—I’m surprised now at the amount of styles and dances I’m taking on, and the amount of energy I have for it all.

What is the most important thing that dance does for you?

Dance has been great for a lot of things. It’s kept me fit and flexible both physically and mentally. I think the most important thing it’s done for me is to help me to grow in terms of how I interact and relate to other people. In my experience dance strengthens your ability to communicate and empathise with others, both on and off the dance floor.

Have you learnt something dancing that has surprised you?

When you first start dancing it’s easy to be intimidated by the tight-knit community happening around you, even more so when you see some of those people tearing it up on the dance floor. So I was surprised by just how welcoming that community is. There is a really positive culture in the dance community, and it’s great that there are people that are always ready to welcome you in. Before you know it you’re surrounded by good mates, and you have a new perspective on people and communities.

What would you say to others who are thinking about giving it a go?

Don’t hesitate, just do it. Don’t miss a great opportunity to grow as a person and have fun!



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