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Rio Rhythmic’s “Tell your dance story” project aims to highlight the accomplishments, transformations and achievements of members in our community.

Ben and Scarlett’s Story

Ben and Scarlett what first brought you to dancing?

I(Ben) have always wanted to do Latin dancing for years however never had the opportunity to do so.  Scarlett my daughter was doing Taekwondo once a week but was losing interest as all kids seem to do going through multiple sports. I began the Latin Dance Starter course and loved it while Scarlett watched from the sidelines.  She soon wanted to join me which she did and we both love being able to do something together.

How would you describe your journey so far? Moving in a straight line or going the scenic route?

The Foundation program was great to learn about so many different styles of dancing,  it means we can go to the parties on Saturday nights and dance everything.

It was a big decision for both of us what to choose a focus course. We’ve gone with Salsa however we also go to any Zouk Lambada or Batchata classes we can.  Our biggest problem is there isn’t enough hours in the day to do all the dancing we want.

We also recently joined the Forró choreography team which we performed at the White Magic Christmas party – we were very excited!

What is the most important thing that dance does for you?

For Scarlett it has given her more confidence. She is a 10 year old dancing and keeping up with all of the adults.  Her face tells it all after our dance classes and Saturday night socials. Everyone knows her and are so friendly.

For me, it has given me another outlet, something that I can do for myself and have my daughter enjoy it just as much as me.  Better yet, I have made some fantastic friends and enjoy meeting new people all the time.

Do you think dance is a metaphor for relationships?

Both Scarlett and I love watching the dancing, the smiles on people’s faces and the way everyone moves in unison together. Just like relationships, dancing is something that you keep learning new things. Frustrating at times because it’s harder than it seems. Rewarding because that frustration turns into something that you become better at and proud you have achieved. The more you work on it the better you become.

Have you learnt something dancing that has surprised you?

Yeah for sure! Who would of thought that I would be dancing Salsa with my 10 year old and us both having the same interests.  When we get the chance on a weekend, we have a cheeky little practise at home.

What would you say to others who are thinking about giving it a go?

Totally give it a go. The more you learn the more you will want to do it.  We both highly recommend it to anyone.

You can start dancing now! Call us on 3844 1824 or email to find out more.

See you on the dance floor!

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