Student Support application

Would you like to support others in their learning? You can, by joining our Student Support Program. Places open for those who have completed Foundation 3 and applications are easy as completing this form online!.


Rio Rhythmics Student Support Program


Benefits and Conditions

Rio Rhythmics Student Support Program
Benefits and Conditions

Rio Rhythmics Mission Statement
The Rio Rhythmics team is proudly committed to providing the community with the opportunity to feel great, by showing that everyone CAN dance, and it WILL change your life!

Aims of the Student Support Program
Our Student Support program aims to provide current course members with the opportunity to dance in their class with more experienced dancers and the opportunity for higher-level dancers to further refine their knowledge and skills of Latin dance through class participation in a supporting role.

Who can apply?
Students applying for a student support role must be enrolled in at least one dance course for the application term. In order to support a Latin Starter or Foundation course, students must have completed Foundation 3.

> Willingness and commitment to participate in classes, social dance nights and other Rio Rhythmics activities.
> Friendly and approachable manner when interacting with staff and students when at Rio Rhythmics
> Demonstrated competency in both the leader and follower roles appropriate to the dance level being supported.
> Ability to recognise and respond to a student member who is having difficulty with style or steps taught in class and to provide positive comment to a student member in relation to and style and steps taught in the class.
> Genuine and dedicated interests in helping others improve their dance skills.
> Acceptance and respect for all persons of all backgrounds including gender, age, cultural, social, economic, racial and political backgrounds.
> An ability to work successfully as a part of a team.

To be eligible for the SSP program you need to have enrolled in your courses for the term you are applying to support.
If you are enrolled in the Student Support Program you will receive $55 credit* in recognition of your contribution in the role and specifically for the assigned course that you assist as a Student Supporter throughout the term.
*This credit is available to you as long as you are enrolled in a minimum of One Course. You pay for your “1 COURSE” membership in full as an eligibility condition to be an SSP.

How your credit works:
Your credit will be set up by end of week 4 of Term
You can use your credit upon your next course enrolment** or towards any of the following: Workshops, Practicas, Annual Ball, White Magic, Friday Baile, Latin Mix, Tango Practica, Private Lessons or drinks at the Academy.
** On a Multi-Term Direct-Debit Membership? If you have such a membership eg. Annual Direct Debit Membership your next membership renewal may be a while away! However, if you have any SSP credit remaining at the end of your Direct Debit you can use that towards your next Enrolment, where your enrolment will be discounted by that amount. Credit will expire after 18 months.

> In the instance you take on additional courses to support, you will receive additional credit / discount of $55 per course. Typically you support one course in your valued SSP role, so this is the exception more than the norm.
> This is not in conjunction with any other offers (for example team pricing), discount or class pack’s and this SSP discount is not available to students’ enrolled within the Student Performance Team.
> Further opportunities to study, learn, develop confidence, and refine your dance technique and style in Latin dance through the Rio Rhythmics Student Support Program.
> In the instance you don’t meet the conditions below your credit will be removed.

The program begins in week 1 of the term and concludes in week 12

Acknowledge and support administration procedures and policy.
The Student Supporter must notify Rio Rhythmics by phone on 3844 1824 or email to of inability to attend a support class prior to the rostered class. At that point a catch up class will be organised. A maximum of 4 student support classes can be rebooked in a 12 week term. If for unforseen reasons you have to miss more than 4 classes you may need to withdraw from the SSP for that term and reapply when it’s more suitable, please let us know should this arise to discuss your options.
Wear a personal identification badge obtained prior to participating in the class and returned after.
Sign in at reception when attending your rostered nights, and wear a badge during Rio Rhythmics Saturday night Latin Mix parties when present in a supporting role.
Wear your Rio Rhythmics Student Supporter T-shirt only to your support class, if you have a class of your own before or after please make sure you change your shirt.
Return confidentiality agreement signed before first support class. (Required for first-time supporters and at the start of the year)

Additional responsibilities
> Attend two Rio Rhythmics Saturday night Latin Mix parties in a supporting role, and ideally attend a further two in a non-supporting role.
> Attend a meeting with Rio Rhythmics coordinators of the Student Support Program prior to the commencement of the term (for people new to the SSP program only and for all SSP’s at the beginning of each year only).
> We invite all Student Supporters available to attend Latin Starter and Foundation Get Together in week 4, Week 7 & week 10 of term on the Saturday from 5.30pm to 7:00pm at the Studio. This is not compulsory, however it is a lovely way to mix & mingle with a range of people from different classes and for Student Supporters to catch up with each other.
> Encourage social interaction amongst students outside class.
> Encourage course re-enrolment and attendance of weekend party nights by members of the supported class.
> Dance with members of your support class when possible, at weekend party nights.

Dress code
Student supporters must wear a SSP T-shirt to their Student Support class/es, T-shirts are $18 and available from admin. Please do not wear your SSP T-shirt to any other classes such as your own class and bonus classes as it is confusing to other students and teachers.

Appropriate clothing must be worn to you Student Support class, As a guide this is:
> No sheer or see through clothing,
> No cutting or altering of your SSP T-shirt,
> No underwear showing,
> No midriff tops,
> No short shorts,
> No overly short skirts,
> No male singlet’s.

We highly recommend that all our students take pride in their personal hygiene, such as:
> Wearing deodorant,
> Brushing your teeth before dancing,
> Wearing fresh clean clothing.

Please note
Failure to positively support Rio Rhythmics and the conditions of involvement in the program will result in removal from the program and loss of its benefits. All teaching and administration staff are involved in the Student Supporter selection process and the week-by-week observation and monitoring of all students in the program and look forward to working with you throughout your term supporting classes.

Rio Rhythmics welcomes and encourages feedback regarding Student Supporters’ personal experiences or that received from students about our services.