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    Do I need a dance partner?
    Not at all! We welcome people coming along by themselves, with friends or their partner. Our classes are designed for everyone to dance rotationally.
    What do I wear?
    You don’t need any specialty dance wear to start with. Light weight, loose flexible clothing is fine and we recommend leather soled street shoes to start. Sneakers tend to stick to the floor too much.
    Where is Rio Rhythmics?
    Our dance academy is based in the vibrant Brisbane suburb of West End, in the main area of shops on Boundary St. Studio (near the West End Bakery) – 163 Boundary St, West End, 4101
    Is there parking nearby?
    Whilst we don’t have our own parking, when classes are running there is usually metred parks in Boundary St and free parking in many side streets. There are many regular bus routes that go through Boundary St and it is a 15 minute walk from South Brisbane railway station and Cultural centre busway.
    Do I need a partner or should I have experience?
    Not at all – come as you are!
    Do I have to do a Starter Course?
    If you already dance a particular style that we offer in our continuing courses, by all means let us know. We can arrange to meet with you, assess your skill level and then recommend what class would suit you best.
    Call us on 3844 1824 or email to make an enquiry.
    What if I can’t come every week?
    We have a structured, progressive curriculum and we recommend that you try to come every week. In the case of shift workers, we can often accommodate different time slots, depending on the course. If you are unable to make a class, let us know by 5pm on the day and you can take a make-up class in an equivalent course. (While we do our best to ensure options and flexibility for every one of our members, an equivalent course is often, but not always available.)