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Zouk Lambada is a Brazilian dance style, which has evolved from Lambada and is now commonly danced to the French Caribbean music style Zouk as well pop, RnB styles of music. It is fast growing around the world as one of the most popular Latin dance styles and has a huge following in most countries in the world. Zouk Lambada is an essential style for those wanting to get out among the Latin dance scene in Brisbane and anywhere in the world – many people travel all over the world to congresses specialising on this style!

What you will learn in Zouk Lambada Starter Course is, essential basics, leading and following techniques, turn patterns, base movements which will lead into more complex patterns in following courses, and the beginnings of floor craft. Throughout all our courses you will learn about the culture and where the movement comes from so that you learn to dance each style authentically, not just to copy the movements.

Join us every Friday night from 7:40pm and get into what you will find is a whole new world of dance! Fortnightly your class will be followed by a social dance party, Friday Baile which is focused on Zouk Lambada and Samba de Gafieira.

If you already know some basic steps, you may prefer to start in one our Zouk Lambada Focus Courses, please speak with one of our teachers about joining directly. Or, if you are looking to learn a variety of popular Authentic Latin dance styles join our Latin Starter or Foundation courses. Contact us today to make an

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No experience required
$276 (12 weeks)
Zouk-Lambada Focus 1
Cuban Salsa Starter

Tango Starter

Ladies Samba no Pé Starter


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