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Cuban Salsa & Rueda

The focus of Cuban Salsa is not just centered on the precision of turning patterns, but also in communication and interaction with your partner. This fun, relaxed and flirtatious style is suitable for everyone. Cuban Salsa allows dancers the freedom to interpret the music by adding their own personal flavour to each step!

This course has an ongoing, ever evolving curriculum with a big emphasis on the groovy Cuban style and having lots of fun!

Cuban Salsa Starter

Foundation 3,

Salsa & Bachata Focus 1

$24wk (12 weeks) paid monthly or per term. Multicourse memberships available

Ongoing with changing curriculum

Salsa & Bachata 1 – Private lessons in Bachata required,

or completion of Foundation 3

Latin Starter to explore other styles

Latin Starter

Tango Starter

Ladies Samba no Pé Starter

Salsa & Bachata Starter

Zouk-Lambada Starter

Short Courses