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Salsa Rueda is one of the most social way’s to dance, if you’ve never seen it before here’s a bit of info.

Rueda is Salsa danced as a group in a circle, where you pass the ladies around the circle as everyone does the move a caller/leader call’s out. It’s so much fun!

And to show just how much fun it is we thought we’d take it to the stage at our upcoming White Magic Christmas Party on Sunday 29 November.

If you’d like to perform, want to take your salsa to another level or just want to dance more and create ongoing friends then this is a great opportunity for you.

When: Sundays 5 – 6pm starting from 4 October for 6 weeks. Plus 2 x rehearsals.
Cost: $120 for members & $140 for non-members (includes entry to White Magic event)
Extra costs: Costume TBC + Performer Ticket $15
Extra’s: Dress rehearsal will take place on Saturday 21 November 10:30am – 12:30pm and the Technical rehearsal will be on the day of the event (29 November) time TBC. Further performance opportunities available at our regular parties and upcoming community events!

Check out our Rueda Students performing at our 2014 Ball.


For more information email our team, give us a call on 3844 1824 or chat to one of your instructors.

Lets dance!