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4 Essential Aspects for Learning AND Teaching Latin Dance

  4 Essential Aspects for Learning AND Teaching Latin Dance. While there are MANY aspects to consider, these four are essential when it comes to learning AND teaching social Latin dance. 1. Steps (vocabulary). 2. Style (it’s a cultural thing). 3. To dance. 4. To Party. With more than 30 years studying what makes a…

Hayley’s dance story

Take this time to improve your dancing, solo.

Challenge vs Opportunity. Take this time to improve your dancing, solo. It’s a time of big challenges and a time of big opportunities. While we’re all missing meeting our dance friends, hugging & dancing if we look deeply there is a great opportunity. The best dancers are those who can also dance well individually. Tarcisio…

Rio Rhythmics Virtual Studio Schedule from 18 May 2020

NEW Online Course Schedule Starts 18 May

Biggest thanks to all our members for sharing your experience and feedback with our new Virtual Studio so we can bring you more of what you’re loving and wanting. Starting 18 May you can join us for 22 recorded lessons in our Virtual Studio, all with a weekly Live lesson to work on technique and…


Make time for YOU, dancing

It’s essential you create the time and space for YOU. And if dancing has been on your ‘to-do’ list, we encourage you to set yourself up for 2020 with your best foot forward for a year that is filled with things that bring YOU joy, so you can keep on giving. The 2020 schedule is…


3 Reasons All Men Should Dance

The old stigma that “men don’t dance” really gets us riled up. At what point did this even become a thing?! Humans have been dancing since before we were speaking, yes both men & women. We’re loving the #MenDoDance movement & decided to put together 3 reasons why we think every man should be dancing.…


Men can dance AND play sport

Men can dance ANd play sport. We asked some of the men in our dancing community to share what it’s been like to start dancing as a man. If that Australian stigma of ‘men don’t dance’ has affected them at all. How they feel about dancing and if they have any advice for other men…


Is Latin dance sexy or sensual?

Is Latin dance sexy or sensual? Find out what Julz has learnt & what she loves about Latin Dance & culture. We sat down with one of our members Julz the other week and asked her about her experience doing Latin dance with us. We love discovering why people dance, what made them get started,…


Dancing is a skill you can learn.

Growing up Nigel watched men dance in the movies, but the reality was that “men don’t dance”. When he was ready to let go of what others thought and start latin dance. He discovered to his surprise that it’s a skill you can learn, that anyone can learn, and that you don’t need a special…