Latin Dance Starter | 8 week Course | 6 popular Latin dance styles | Multiple class days/times

Be welcomed into Brisbane’s largest and longest running Latin dance academy and dance your way to a whole new life with authentic Latin social dance.


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Is Latin dance on your bucket list, something you’ve always wanted to do, or did the joy and culture catch your attention?

Whether you think you’ve got two left feet, have never danced before, want to come on your own, with a partner or a friend we’ll take you by the hand and give you the confidence to step onto any dance floor.

Rio Rhythmics is centrally located in West End, near the Brisbane CBD and with experience teaching authentic, social Latin Dance in Brisbane since 1994, so you’re in expert hands.

In our unique Latin Dance Starter Course you’ll learn 6 of the most popular Latin dance styles every lesson, including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Zouk Lambada, Forró and Samba. With this signature combo you’ll be able to get up on any Latin dance floor, anywhere around the world. 

You’ll learn about the cultural roots of the dance styles as you are guided through your classes and develop your basic steps and understanding of the different rhythms of each style.

We are experts in courses and you will be part of an eight week experience including eight classes (with make up classes if you miss one and want to catch up), two social events, support emails, learning videos, recommended playlists as well as member prices for our weekly parties.

It culminates with a sense of great achievement and connectedness to yourself and the people you shared the classes with. We also finish with a Festiva bringing together all the Term’s starter students for an enjoyable evening.

Level: Beginners

Experience: Our most popular starting course. Be empowered to become a confident, versatile, social dancer. You will explore the basics of 6 of the most popular Latin styles by feeling the differences in the music and learning organic movement rather than just focusing on steps.

Dance Styles: Salsa, Merengue, Forró, Bachata, Zouk Lambada and Samba.

Duration: 8 weeks, one hour class per week. Plus a complimentary celebratory festiva, weekly support video’s, social catch ups and member pricing on weekly social dancing nights.

Studio: 163 Boundary St, in the heart of West End

After Latin Dance Starter: Latin Dance Starter is part of our Latin Dance Foundation courses. It includes Latin Dance Foundation Levels 2 & 3 which give you a deep set of skills and dance understanding for your dancing life. We know of no other Latin dance academy that invests in the learning (and enjoyment!) pathway of Latin Dance in this way.

Your Course is a complete experience: You will be invited to social events, receive support emails and gain access to practice videos. You are opening the door to one of the best Latin Dance Academies in Australia with a vibrant long-running community. We offer Private tuition, weekly parties and fun events. You dance at your pace & we are here to support your dance journey.


If you already know some Latin dance styles, you may prefer to start at one of the higher level courses. Contact us today to get started!

Why start Latin Dance Starter with us?

Here are just some of the benefits some our members say they enjoy:

  • You dance with a partner from day 1.
  • No partner or experience required.
  • Learning with highly qualified instructors per class
  • An enriched learning experience with our Student Supporters
  • Discovering that you can dance in multiple styles with two simple step options.
  • Making friends with classmates and enjoying included social events.
  • Receiving weekly support videos
  • Discover muscles you never knew existed.
  • A thriving dance community.
  • Benefit from our proven method refined over 20 years (and counting!).
  • Gaining cultural insight, not just learning steps.
  • Improved mind-body connection and comfort in moving their body.
  • All the while having fun!

  • When a friend invited me along to Rio Rhythmics in West End to try the Latin Mix intro class one Saturday night, I thought I’d give it a try. I had no idea that night would be the turning point to a wonderful new life full of dance & lovely friendships. I’ve dropped 20kgs in weight & feel fit, alive & so happy.
    Andrea Curly Hair
    Andrea Young
  • Nowadays I don't know what I would do if i couldn't go out social dancing. The thing is that Latin dance isn't only about connecting with a partner to the music, it is a social scene, a network of friends, a meeting place for young and old.  I go out most weekends dancing, I don't drink much alcohol, I meet lots of new and interesting people, I stay fit, and my confidence in all sections of my life has gained a boost.
    Stewart Shuker

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