As social dancing is what we are all about we run social dance parties every week. If you’re learning to dance then the best way you can practice is by coming along to dance socially and practice, practice, practice!

Join our regular Friday and Saturday night parties and practicas and dance the weekend away!

Friday nights are Baile night (Baile is a dance party in Brazilian Portuguese) where our Foundation and Focus students come together to bust out their latest moves, get their floor craft happening and enjoy the dance for what it is – social.

Saturday’s you can join our iconic Latin Mix party with 90 minute introductory lesson at 7pm followed by social dancing from 8:30pm until late. This is where you will find people from all walks of life, from first timers to advanced dancers all enjoying great company and dancing to a mix of all the great Latin dance styles.

Fortnightly Tango dancers gather for our Tango Practica 5 – 7pm where new and experienced dancers can work through new moves and polish the well known ones with an instructor on hand to lend a helping hand and host the afternoon.

Whatever your favourite Latin dance style and your dancing stage you will find something for you at our social nights. Come and join us!

For Friday night parties click here

For Saturday Tango Practica & Latin Mix info click here