As a bloke, dancing always scared me.  I love music, but the idea of putting myself out there and dancing in pubs and clubs and at parties always seemed to be beyond me.  One day I was walking past Rio’s with a lady I was on a first date with and we walked into the studio and I commented that I could never do that stuff, but it looked like a lot of fun.  The lady I was with called Rio’s the following day and we enrolled in a 4 week short course. That relationship lasted those four weeks, but my confidence in being a dancer grew and grew.  Now days I don’t know what I would do if i couldn’t go out social dancing.  The thing is that latin dance isn’t only about connecting with a partner to the music, it is a social scene, a network of friends, a meeting place for young and old.  I go out most weekends dancing, I dont drink much alcohol, I meet lots of new and interesting people, I stay fit, and my confidence in all sections of my life has gained a boost.    Tarcisio has assembled an energetic and professional group of instructors and over the decades he has honed his teaching methodology to the point where the lessons are not only effective, they are a lot of laughs.  In short, my life would be totally different if I hadn’t enrolled at Rio Rythmics to learn to dance.  I don’t care if you literally have two left feet, if you come along to lessons and stick with it you will widen your group of friends, you will learn to dance, and you will have a whole lot of fun!