Andrea Curly Hair

When I moved to Brisbane three years ago, being a single woman, I found it very hard to meet new people, so when a friend invited me along to Rio Rhythmics in West End to try the Latin Mix intro class one Saturday night, I thought I’d give it a try. I had no idea that night would be the turning point to a wonderful new life full of dance & lovely friendships. Soon after, I’d signed up for classes & became a regular at Rio’s parties… and the rest is history! Two years on, including classes, I usually dance at least 4 nights a week, I get to meet up with my friends, I’ve dropped 20kgs in weight & feel fit, alive & so happy.

I would recommend to everyone to come to the Rio Rythmics Latin Mix intro class on any Saturday night and just give it a try. (Why not make it this Saturday?) It’s so much fun & you just never know what wonderful new life may be waiting for you there! Thanks Tarcisio, Jada & the Rio Rhythmics crew, for always making me feel so welcome. These days I go to Rio Rhythmics for the hugs & stay for the dancing!