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Zouk Lambada Focus Courses 1, 2 & 3

As the name suggests, our Focus Zouk-Lambada courses are designed to develop your expertise in this popular dance style!

Zouk-Lambada is a Brazilian style and is a soft-flowing and expressive style… hypnotic to the dancer!

Our Zouk-Lambada Focus Courses progressively develop the fluidity, flexibility, and expressive musicality of the highly skilled Zouk-Lambada dancer.

Focus 1 is an intermediate level course focusing on expanding vocabulary (movements) such as lunges, ribbon and more complex turns. You will acquire a more in depth understanding of leading and following, as well as floor craft and style development.

Focus 2 is an upper intermediate level with a an ongoing and progressive curriculum. At this level we work on cambres (dips), basic bonecas, improved floor craft, anf more complex movements with a big focus on connections and musicality. Generally people spend 3 to 4 terms in this course before progressing into Focus 3.

Focus 3 is our advanced level and is an ongoing, ever evolving program catering to those in the course. You are expected to have a strong understanding of all fundamental movements and concepts; this course develops you into an advanced dancer working deeply with musicality, technique, connection and floor craft throughout all new movements. There is an infinite amount of steps and movements to learn within this beautiful style.

For 1: Foundation 3

For 2: Zouk Lambada 1

For 3: Zouk Lambada 2

$276 (12 weeks) per term
From 1: After 2 terms Zouk Lambada 2

From 2: After 3 – 4 terms Zouk Lambada 3

From 3: Ongoing, changing curriculum

If you have completed Foundation 3 then you can also go

into any other Focus 1 course such as Salsa & Bachata,

Samba de Gafieira & Bolero, Tango Starter, Samba no Pe

or Short Courses