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Tango Focus Courses 1, 2 & 3

From the Bordellos of Argentina, to the silver screen and stage, Tango is considered one of the most passionate dance styles in the world! Our Tango courses will immerse you into the world of authentic Argentine Tango. Come along and learn today at our Brisbane studio.

Focus 1 develops on the fundamentals learned in our Tango Starter Course and takes you into the essential movement vocabulary such as ochos, sacadas and walks. There is an emphasis on improved connection, floor craft and leading and following and posture technique. You will generally spend 1 to 2 terms in this course before moving on to Tango 2.

Focus 2 follows on from Focus 1 increasing your movement vocabulary. You will begin to work with musicality concept with practical exercises to help you when you dance socially. You will learn, turns, dynamic movements, sacadas, lapiz, enrosques, molinetes and simple ornaments. You will spend 3 to 4 terms here.

Focus 3 is our advanced Tango course and has an ever-evolving program to continue to challenge participants. We begin to work more with the close embrace, playing more with the space and working more with musicality. New concepts are introduced with more complex turn patterns, and steps which require a higher level of technique.

If you have Tango experience, please contact us to discuss the appropriate level for you. If you are new to Latin dance the best place to start is in our Starter courses.

For 1: Tango Starter

For 2: Tango 1

For 3: Tango 2

$276 (12 weeks) per term

From 1: After 2 terms Tango 2

From 2: After 3 – 4 terms Tango 3

From 3: Ongoing, changing curriculum

Latin Starter through to Foundation courses.

Or if you have complete Foundation 3 you can also go

into any other Focus 1 course such as Salsa & Bachata,

Samba de Gafieira & Bolero, Zouk Lambada, Samba no Pe

or Short Courses