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Salsa & Bachata Focus 1, 2 & 3

Salsa is a sassy and flirtatious style that brings life to the dance floor! When you learn Salsa you are getting yourself into a worldwide community and a ticket to parties almost anywhere you go in the world! Salsa is the most famous and popular Latin dance style universally with it’s roots buried deep in Cuban and South American culture and modernised with spins this is a style you don’t want to miss.

Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic and travelled to the United States in the mid 90’s where it took off and has continued to grow within the Latin Community. Traditional, Dominican, Madrid & Sensual Bachata styles are the most popular around the world and are all taught at Rio Rhythmics. This style is danced with a partner and is fun, cheeky and sensual!

In these courses we cover both circular and linear salsa moves and styling to give you the opportunity to dance with as many people as possible and at as many places as possible.

Focus 1 is an intermediate course taking you from the basics into more complex movements and better stylistic understanding with more connection with your partners.

Focus 2 is an upper intermediate level in Salsa and Bachata taking you into a competent and more experienced social level. You’ll be confident on the dance floor and ready to take on new challenges with turn patterns, feel and style.

Focus 3 moves you into advanced moves, understanding and musicality, helping you to become an accomplished dancer.

For 1: Foundation 3

For 2: Salsa & Bachata 1

For 3: Salsa & Bachata 2

$24wk (12 weeks) paid monthly or per term. Multicourse memberships available

From 1: After 2 terms Salsa and Bachata 2

From 2: After 3 – 4 terms Salsa and Bachata 3

From 3: Ongoing, changing curriculum

If you have completed Foundation 3 then you can also go

into any other Focus 1 course such as Zouk Lambada,

Samba de Gafieira & Bolero, Tango Starter or try Samba no Pe