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Be empowered to IMPROVE your LIFE through LATIN DANCE, CULTURE and COMMUNITY as you take your first steps, find your rhythm and discover that EVERYONE can DANCE, and it will change your life!

Join Tarcisio & Jada to find your rhythm, build your confidence, learn how to embrace a partner & take your first dance steps over 3 simple, easy to follow lessons delivered right to your inbox. Over 6 day's you'll be welcomed to our community, receive 3 main lessons, bonus material (cos who doesn't love a twirl or two right!), encouragement from current & past members in the form of tips and more info about how you can jump into the wonderful world of Latin dance with us.

If you can walk you dance (in fact you don't even need to be able to walk to dance, but you get our meaning!). We GUARANTEE you can dance, we're just here to help you discover it. Plus, we'll introduce you to our Dance for life community and chance are, you'll never look back!

We invite you to take your first step today!

See you on the dance floor, Dance for life.