I’ve always wanted to learn to dance but never considered myself coordinated enough. I used to walk past Rio Rhythmic on the way to boxing class and hear the music play. Eventually I plucked up the courage and asked about classes – and signed up for Latin Starter as well as a Mens leading 101 class. I was going alone – knowing no one so I was incredibly nervous and assumed everyone else there would be with their partners. This was far from the truth.

I showed up for my first class – was greeted with enthusiasm and made to feel comfortable. Standing in front of the mirrors for the very first time was nerve wracking, as well as the first time I had to grab a girl for a dance. The teachers however had obviously seen this a million times, and made me feel completely at home. Even with my lack of natural grace, they encouraged me – showed me how to step and how to move. The classes were fun – with passionate and talented teachers. There was never a time where I felt laughed at – even at my most awkward.

From the very first class I was hooked. I met a few friends and I was far more ready to take the second, the third.. the tenth.. classes. By the time I finished the starter class I had become close friends with those learning with me – and I was beginning to feel more comfortable asking people to dance at social nights. I was also beginning to relax and far less concerned that people were watching.

I was hooked! I signed up for another couple of classes – and a whole world started to open around me. The teachers all had different styles – but I was in awe of each and every one of them. I saw amazing people dance – and started to emulate their moves. My friends who started with me continued – Rio became family to me.

A year later – and hundreds of classes (I now dance most nights – and can barely miss a party night!) – and I can’t stop! I still have plenty to learn – but I’m improving every day. The attention of the teachers has been faultless – and I now social dance – and ask girls to dance without any worry of looking silly and I can relax and enjoy every dance.

There are now many other places I can dance – but Rio is like home to me, the staff and other students like family – and my ears constantly filled with music. Thank you Rio Rhythmic for introducing me to a wonderful world I barely knew existed.