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Samba Starter Course | 8 weeks

SAMBA is Authentic Brazil! Smiles, sequins, feathers and FUN with drums that follow your heart beat. Enjoy our Carnaval edition Samba Starter course and get ready to take your place in the parade.

Level: Beginners, Ladies-only class
Duration: 8 weeks | One hour class per week
Experience: You will tap into the strong, confident & vibrant self. This is a fast-moving, satisfying workout done to the driving rhythms of Brazilian percussion and infectious Samba beats. Your instructors, Cathy and Rebekah have trained with Brazilians masters in Australia and Brazil and have a deep cultural understanding of the authentic & energetic Samba. You will learn the basic step, timing and musicality, how to isolate movement in your upper body and hips, plus some essential moves and sequences. Classes are well paced, with qualified, supportive instructors who love sharing their knowledge and experience about Brazil’s most celebrated dance style.
Studio: 163 Boundary Street, In the heart of West End
After Samba no Pe Starter: We offer a full progression stream in Samba no Pe, Starter, Foundation, Focus (Advanced) and Performance opportunities.

Your Course is a complete experience: You will be invited to social events, receive support emails and gain access to practice videos. You are opening the door to one of the best Latin Dance Academies in Australia with a vibrant long-running community. We offer Private tuition, weekly parties and fun events. You dance at your pace & we are here to support your dance journey.


If you already know some basic steps, you may prefer to start at one of the higher Samba courses. Contact us today to join our tribe!

Why SAMBA with us?

  • No dance experience required.
  • Whole body workout that improves core strength and posture.
  • Increase your cardio fitness.
  • Improve your co-ordination.
  • Feel confident and supported.
  • Challenge active memory learning movement sequences.
  • Put some spark into your weekly routine.
  • Improve your partner dancing by learning to dance individually.
  • Release your creativity.
  • Strengthen your mind body connection
  • Feel amazing with a positive body image

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  • "Dancing isn’t just about being able to do the steps or having good technique or exercising to keep fit, it is about how it makes you feel inside and how you share your energy and emotions with those around you. Dance is a way to be heard without having to speak. Dancing has weaved itself into every aspect of my life and is one of the things closest to my heart. It is one of my true passions. A special thanks to Cathy Barker and Tarcisio for being such phenomenal role models and mentors. I have learnt so much from you both". Archana Kishore
    Brisbane samba dancing
    Discover your true passion
  • It was such a privilege to be part of the Rio Rhythmics samba team and to finally perform at the West End carnival after years of watching it from the side! The team was so fun and friendly, I've got great memories of the performances and training sessions we did together! Cathy is not only a beautiful dancer but also a great teacher! She showed so much patience and kindness when I first joined the team. She taught me how to dance samba with my heart, from head to toes! 🙂
    Samba dancer
    I learnt to dance Samba with my heart!

Take the first step

No matter what your objective is; to parade in Carnaval, perform a show stopping number, get fit mentally and physically or just to add some FUN into your weekly routine, there are many opportunities waiting for you in our vibrant Samba Community! We look forward to SAMBA-ING with you!