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Cuban Salsa Starter Course

CUBA is the heart and soul of Salsa! It conjures up images of incredibly fluid, groovy dancers, effortlessly dancing and partying like there’s no tomorrow.

Level: Beginners
Duration: 6 weeks | One hour class per week
Experience: Taste the ‘spice’ of Salsa and gain confidence to be spontaneous, vibrant and expressive. Cuban Salsa is the PERFECT place to start! With its African roots, Cuban Salsa is not just centred on precision turn patterns, but interaction and communication with your partner, which means you will be on the social dance floor meeting new people, sooner.Classes have a great communal feel and your instructors, Rebekah, Pablo and Peter love sharing their passion for this exciting dance style. You will learn key steps, timing and musicality, and how to isolate movement in your body.
Studio: 163 Boundary St, in the heart of West End
After Cuban Salsa Starter: We offer four levels of Cuban Salsa & Rueda course progression, from beginners to advanced, as well as offering social dancing nights and events. Whether dancing purely for pleasure or with the ambition to progress you have a place in our Academy.

Your Course is a complete experience

You will be invited to social events, receive support emails and gain access to practice videos. You are opening the door to one of the best Latin Dance Academies in Australia with a vibrant long-running community. We offer Private tuition, weekly parties and fun events. You dance at your pace & we are here to support your dance journey.

Course Dates & Online Booking

If you already know some Salsa, you may prefer to start at one of the higher Cuban Salsa courses. Contact us today to join the dance!

Why SALSA with us?

  • No dance experience required.
  • Whole body workout that improves core strength and posture.
  • Increase your cardio fitness.
  • Improve your co-ordination.
  • Feel confident and supported.
  • Challenge active memory learning movement sequences.
  • Add some vibrancy to your week
  • Have a dance style – can travel!.
  • Release your creativity.
  • Strengthen your mind body connection
  • Feel amazing with a positive body image
  • "I joined the Rio Rhythmics dance community with my parents and brother and after the first lesson I have to say all my family was hooked. Before joining Rio, I danced ballet for 17yrs years and was looking for a way to continue my enjoyment of dancing. I have certainly found this with Rio because they offer so many dance styles and host great social dance parties every weekend that are so much fun. The teachers are always upbeat, encouraging and inspiring. Everyone is warm and fun to be around and I have made so many new friends. It’s definitely a place where the community can come together and enjoy dancing". Sarah Evans
    Dancer finds passion in Latin dance
    Rekindle the love of Dance.
  • "I've just returned from the most amazing 8 week trip of a lifetime of non-stop dancing across Brasil and Cuba, where many people told me I danced like a local. For me this journey really started 6 years ago when I started my foundation course with Rio Rhythmics learning to dance Samba, Zouk and Salsa and I am so thankful to them for such a fantastic start. I think learning so many different styles in the Foundation Course from the very beginning has been a great advantage to me as a dancer. I found my confidence grew more quickly as it allowed me to find the different styles which best suited me. It also taught me perseverance which I am grateful for as I struggled with Zouk at first and now it is one of my favourite styles. The course made me a more versatile dancer and I love bringing what I know of the different genres across to create my own style. I also love knowing no matter where I go in the world I can experience the joy that is dancing and meet amazing locals because there will be a style of dancing I know and love. Kara Coughlin
    Dancing through Brazil
    I danced my way through Brazil and Cuba!

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