Nothing beats one on one tuition!

In fact we believe all students should take a private class at least once a year, for in depth feedback and attention. Our studio now boasts a private class room which means we can take bookings even when our regular group classes are running.

Private classes are 7 days a week on request and can be arranged during the day or at night. Our instructors can teach many styles including Salsa (Cuban and Linear), Tango, Zouk Lambada, Samba de Gafieira, Cha cha cha, Samba no Pé, Bachata, Forró, Bolero, and more.

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10 Great reasons to book a private!

• Catch up on material missed so you can re-start group classes.

• Receive personalised feedback

• Learn a choreography for your wedding, an event or dance competition.

• Boost your level.

• Practice steps and technique with an advanced dancer.

• Surprise someone with your new skills.

• Increase confidence.

• Deepen your understanding of style, lead/following and technique.

• Learn at your own pace.

• Discover a new dance style or add some styling to your dance of choice.

Private class duration:

1 hour


Rio Rhythmics Members (current students) $110 for one class of 5 pack for $500

Non Member $120 for one class or pack of 5 for $500

Prices are for 1-2 students per 1 hour with one instructor and do not include choreography for competition or public performance, additional fees aply. For partner dancing, having two instructors (male and female) can really assist in giving following / leading instructions and styling tips. An additional fee of $50 per class is charged for a second instructor.

To book or enquire contact us 3844 1824 or email

Gift Vouchers available online, by phone or from reception

For more information on what we offer and recommend for Wedding dance private classes click here.


  • "I joined the Rio Rhythmics dance community with my parents and brother and after the first lesson I have to say all my family was hooked. Before joining Rio, I danced ballet for 17yrs years and was looking for a way to continue my enjoyment of dancing. I have certainly found this with Rio because they offer so many dance styles and host great social dance parties every weekend that are so much fun. The teachers are always upbeat, encouraging and inspiring. Everyone is warm and fun to be around and I have made so many new friends. It’s definitely a place where the community can come together and enjoy dancing". Sarah Evans
    Dancer finds passion in Latin dance
    Rekindle the love of Dance.
  • "I've just returned from the most amazing 8 week trip of a lifetime of non-stop dancing across Brasil and Cuba, where many people told me I danced like a local. For me this journey really started 6 years ago when I started my foundation course with Rio Rhythmics learning to dance Samba, Zouk and Salsa and I am so thankful to them for such a fantastic start. I think learning so many different styles in the Foundation Course from the very beginning has been a great advantage to me as a dancer. I found my confidence grew more quickly as it allowed me to find the different styles which best suited me. It also taught me perseverance which I am grateful for as I struggled with Zouk at first and now it is one of my favourite styles. The course made me a more versatile dancer and I love bringing what I know of the different genres across to create my own style. I also love knowing no matter where I go in the world I can experience the joy that is dancing and meet amazing locals because there will be a style of dancing I know and love. Kara Coughlin
    Dancing through Brazil
    I danced my way through Brazil and Cuba!
  • I've always wanted to learn to dance but never considered myself coordinated enough. I used to walk past Rio Rhythmic on the way to boxing class and hear the music play. Eventually I plucked up the courage and asked about classes - and signed up for Latin Starter as well as a Mens leading 101 class. I was going alone - knowing no one so I was incredibly nervous and assumed everyone else there would be with their partners. This was far from the truth. I showed up for my first class - was greeted with enthusiasm and made to feel comfortable. Standing in front of the mirrors for the very first time was nerve wracking, as well as the first time I had to grab a girl for a dance. The teachers however had obviously seen this a million times, and made me feel completely at home. Even with my lack of natural grace, they encouraged me - showed me how to step and how to move. The classes were fun - with passionate and talented teachers. There was never a time where I felt laughed at - even at my most awkward. From the very first class I was hooked. I met a few friends and I was far more ready to take the second, the third.. the tenth.. classes. By the time I finished the starter class I had become close friends with those learning with me - and I was beginning to feel more comfortable asking people to dance at social nights. I was also beginning to relax and far less concerned that people were watching. I was hooked! I signed up for another couple of classes - and a whole world started to open around me. The teachers all had different styles - but I was in awe of each and every one of them. I saw amazing people dance - and started to emulate their moves. My friends who started with me continued - Rio became family to me. A year later - and hundreds of classes (I now dance most nights - and can barely miss a party night!) - and I can't stop! I still have plenty to learn - but I'm improving every day. The attention of the teachers has been faultless - and I now social dance - and ask girls to dance without any worry of looking silly and I can relax and enjoy every dance. There are now many other places I can dance - but Rio is like home to me, the staff and other students like family - and my ears constantly filled with music. Thank you Rio Rhythmic for introducing me to a wonderful world I barely knew existed.
  • Nowadays I don't know what I would do if i couldn't go out social dancing. The thing is that Latin dance isn't only about connecting with a partner to the music, it is a social scene, a network of friends, a meeting place for young and old.  I go out most weekends dancing, I don't drink much alcohol, I meet lots of new and interesting people, I stay fit, and my confidence in all sections of my life has gained a boost.
    Stewart Shuker
  • When a friend invited me along to Rio Rhythmics in West End to try the Latin Mix intro class one Saturday night, I thought I’d give it a try. I had no idea that night would be the turning point to a wonderful new life full of dance & lovely friendships. I’ve dropped 20kgs in weight & feel fit, alive & so happy.
    Andrea Curly Hair
    Andrea Young
  • When I moved to Brisbane three years ago, being a single woman, I found it very hard to meet new people, so when a friend invited me along to Rio Rhythmics in West End to try the Latin Mix intro class one Saturday night, I thought I’d give it a try. I had no idea that night would be the turning point to a wonderful new life full of dance & lovely friendships. Soon after, I'd signed up for classes & became a regular at Rio’s parties… and the rest is history! Two years on, including classes, I usually dance at least 4 nights a week, I get to meet up with my friends, I’ve dropped 20kgs in weight & feel fit, alive & so happy. I would recommend to everyone to come to the Rio Rythmics Latin Mix intro class on any Saturday night and just give it a try. (Why not make it this Saturday?) It’s so much fun & you just never know what wonderful new life may be waiting for you there! Thanks Tarcisio, Jada & the Rio Rhythmics crew, for always making me feel so welcome. These days I go to Rio Rhythmics for the hugs & stay for the dancing!
    Andrea Curly Hair
    Andrea Young
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