We are known in Brisbane (and beyond) for our breadth of Latin Dance styles, for which we honor the heritage and authentic roots of the style while also drawing in contemporary trends and innovation to each style.

Like opening an otherwise ordinary door to discover a vast treasury of literature, your dancing journey with Rio Rhythmics allows you to open to a world of Latin Dance. Traverse deeply into the true styles of an array of Latin Dance styles, where every style you learn enhances your skills in (and love for) the others.

Let the journey begin …

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Latin Dance Foundation
Levels offered: 2, 3

Once you complete Latin Dance Starter you will move into Foundation 2. In this course you will really start to feel more comfortable with all the dance styles you have been learning, and build on your solid base of leading and following skills.

This course follows on directly from Foundation 2, and builds your understanding of technique in all dance styles learnt so far. In this course the emphasis is on solidifying your technique, leading and following skills and expanding your dance vocabulary (step knowledge) ready to specialise and continue as a diverse dancer in our Focus Courses.

When you complete your journey through Rio Rhythmics’ Latin Foundation Courses, you will have learnt Cuban Salsa, Merengue, Forró, Zouk-Lambada, Samba, Bolero, Bachata and Samba de Gafieira. This is a very versatile base which can lead you into specialising in your favourite style or continuing with them all. You will be able to travel anywhere in the world and find somewhere to dance!
From this point you progress your dance expertise by attending our Focus Level classes which include LA Salsa & Bachata, Zouk-Lambada, Samba de Gafieira & Bolero, Cuban Salsa & Rueda, Tango and Ladies Samba no Pe courses.

Cuban Salsa & Rueda

The focus of Cuban Salsa is not just centered on the precision of turning patterns, but also in communication and interaction with your partner. This fun, relaxed and flirtatious style is suitable for everyone. Cuban Salsa allows dancers the freedom to interpret the music by adding their own personal flavour to each step!

This course has an ongoing, ever evolving curriculum with a big emphasis on the groovy Cuban style and having lots of fun!


Salsa is a sassy and flirtatious style that brings life to the dance floor! When you learn Salsa you are getting yourself into a worldwide community and a ticket to parties almost anywhere you go in the world!

Salsa is the most famous and popular Latin dance style universally with it’s roots buried deep in Cuban and South American culture and modernised with spins this is a style you don’t want to miss. In these courses we cover both circular (Cuban) and linear (LA) salsa moves and styling to give you the opportunity to dance with as many people as possible and at as many places as possible.


Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic and travelled to the United States in the mid 90’s where it took off and has continued to grow within the Latin Community. Traditional, Dominican, Madrid & Sensual Bachata styles are the most popular around the world and are all taught at Rio Rhythmics. This style is danced with a partner and is fun, cheeky and sensual!

Focus 1 is an improvers course taking you from the basics into more complex movements and better stylistic understanding with more connection with your partners.
Focus 2 is an intermediate level in Salsa and Bachata taking you into a competent and more experienced social level. You’ll be confident on the dance floor and ready to take on new challenges with turn patterns, feel and style.
Focus 3 moves you into advanced moves, understanding and musicality, helping you to become an accomplished dancer.

Samba de Gafieira & Bolero

Samba de Gafieira is originally from Rio de Janeiro and is a captivating, vibrant, energetic and unique Brazilian dance.

Bolero is a beautiful Brazilian dance style danced to romantic slow songs, it is elegant, smooth and requires great floor craft. There is no limit to what you can learn in these styles.

Our Focus Intermediate to Advanced Samba de Gafieira & Bolero Course stream is designed especially for dancers who love the popular and captivating Samba de Gafieira and the elegant ease of Bolero dance – and who are keen to develop their expertise in them!

Samba no Pé

This vibrant dance style will get your heart racing and your feet moving to the exhilarating beat!

Danced individually, this fantastic course will teach you footwork variations, work on your ability to move faster, increased isolations, more afro-brazilian movements and will continue to develop your rhythm and coordination while having lot’s of fun!

By far the most popular Brazilian style danced individually, Samba no Pé will increase your fitness, significantly enhance your Samba de Gafieira, make you generally a much better dancer and is responsible for the original Brazilian butt lift!

Samba no Pé Foundation & Focus/Intermediate Open are ongoing, progressive and ever changing program to cater for a wide range of skill levels.

For those with a high level of skill you may like to discuss performance opportunities with us. Contact us to discuss the appropriate level for you.

Argentinian Tango

From the Bordellos of Argentina, to the silver screen and stage, Tango is considered one of the most passionate dance styles in the world! Our Tango courses will immerse you into the world of authentic Argentine Tango. Come along and learn today at our Brisbane studio.

Intermediate Focus level 1 develops on the fundamentals learned in our Tango Starter Course and takes you into the essential movement vocabulary such as ochos, sacadas and walks. There is an emphasis on improved connection, floor craft and leading and following and posture technique. You will generally spend 1 to 2 terms in this course before moving on to Tango 2.
Upper intermediate Focus level 2 follows on from Focus 1 increasing your movement vocabulary. You will begin to work with musicality concept with practical exercises to help you when you dance socially. You will learn, turns, dynamic movements, sacadas, lapiz, enrosques, molinetes and simple ornaments. You will spend 3 to 4 terms here.

Focus 3 is our upper intermediate / advanced Tango course and has an ever-evolving program to continue to challenge participants. We begin to work more with the close embrace, playing more with the space and working more with musicality. New concepts are introduced with more complex turn patterns, and steps which require a higher level of technique.

If you have Tango experience, please contact us to discuss the appropriate level for you. If you are new to Latin dance the best place to start is in our Starter courses.

Zouk Lambada

Zouk-Lambada is a Brazilian style and is a soft-flowing and expressive style… hypnotic to the dancer!

Our Zouk-Lambada Focus Courses progressively develop the fluidity, flexibility, and expressive musicality of the highly skilled Zouk-Lambada dancer.

Focus 1 is an intermediate level course focusing on expanding vocabulary (movements) such as lunges, ribbon and more complex turns. You will acquire a more in depth understanding of leading and following, as well as floor craft and style development.

Focus 2 is an upper intermediate level with a an ongoing and progressive curriculum. At this level we work on cambres (dips), basic bonecas, improved floor craft, anf more complex movements with a big focus on connections and musicality. Generally people spend 3 to 4 terms in this course before progressing into Focus 3.

Focus 3 is our upper intermediate / advanced level and is an ongoing, ever evolving program catering to those in the course. You are expected to have a strong understanding of all fundamental movements and concepts; this course develops you into an advanced dancer working deeply with musicality, technique, connection and floor craft throughout all new movements. There is an infinite amount of steps and movements to learn within this beautiful style.

If you already have Zouk Lambada experience please contact us to discuss the appropriate level for you. If you are new to Latin dance the best place to start is in our Starter courses.